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Serving the Uintah Basin



You can only heat your home effectively and efficiently if you use the right heater. You must also have your heater installed by a professional. Call us to guarantee it.


Are you looking for the perfect way in which to cool your home? If so, dial our number. We have a great selection of systems for you to choose from.


If the air in your home does not live up to your deservedly high standards, just let us know. We can help you to improve your indoor air quality substantially.


There are a number of different water heaters on the market. To ensure that you choose yours wisely, and that it operates properly, service it with a pro on our team.


When you own commercial property, it is up to you to ensure that that property is comfortable. To ensure that this is the case, let us handle your commercial services.


Your HVAC systems will be put through the wringer over the course of the year. Take advantage of our maintenance program to keep your comfort equipment in great working condition.


Vernal HVAC — A Vernal, UT Air Conditioning and Heating Company

When the time comes to schedule your air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, water heater, or commercial HVAC services in Vernal, UT, you need to do so with a qualified, experienced professional. That is simple. Simply dial our number, and allow one of the fine technicians at Vernal HVAC to get the job done properly every step of the way. No matter how you choose to heat and cool your home, or whatever emergency commercial HVAC repairs you may need, our team is always ready and willing to handle the task at hand. Let us know what you need to live and work in greater comfort throughout the year. Schedule service with us today!

Vernal HVAC provides quality heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, water heater, and commercial HVAC services in Vernal, UT and the surrounding areas.

Heating Services

When the coldest weather of the year hits, will you be ready? When you allow us to complete your heating services in Vernal, UT, such as installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance, you’ll have no doubt about it. We offer a great selection of heating options for you to choose from, including furnaces, fireplaces, boilers, and ductless heating systems. We also have the information that you need to ensure that you choose your heating system wisely. Give us a call today to discuss your options in detail with one of our knowledgeable staff members.

Air Conditioning Services

Keep your home cool and comfortable, no matter how hot it may get outside. We can help you to do so efficiently and effectively. With our great air conditioning products and services, you won’t have to worry about temperatures running high in your home throughout the summer season. We offer great heat pumps, ductless mini splits, swamp coolers, and traditional split central air conditioners for installation. We also repair and maintain systems of all types. Let us know how you’d like to cool your home, and we will make that goal a reality.

Indoor Air Quality Products & Services

You cannot be truly comfortable in your home, as you deserve to be, if you do not have great indoor air quality therein. The good news is that we have all of the products and services that you need to boost your indoor air quality if it is subpar in any way. With our IAQ services and products, you can count on better air quality in your living space. From air filtration systems to air purifiers and humidifiers, we do it all.

Water Heaters

Most homeowners realize that they need a quality water heater in their homes. However, they may not realize just how many options there are when it comes to water heaters these days. The fact is that you may need some help figuring out which is the best option for your home and your hot water needs.

Commercial HVAC Services

There are a lot of people relying on you to keep them comfortable in your commercial property. Make sure that you are able to do just that. Schedule your commercial HVAC services in Vernal, UT with the experts at Vernal HVAC. Let us know when you need help living and working in the complete comfort that you desire.


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